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Bulbs & Components / HID & Special Bulbs / HMB & Special bulbs / 125W/160W/250W/400W HIGH PRESSURE SODIUM BULB E27/E40 BLEND

Model No.: BLHID8-Blend

High Pressure mercury vapour lamp
with a quarfz mercury vapour discharge tube one or two quxlllary electrodes to ensure quick
and relisble igrition.Aport form a ballast,no speelarcontrol gear is required.
Applications:pedestrian and residential areas,commercial and public building factories,railway stations,school,shops and petrol stations.
High bay in heavy industry e.g.iron foundries,paper mills,mines and quarries;also sign boards and decorative floodlighting characheristic:high in lumious efficiency,long in service life,and fine in photochromism


Code Watts(w) Volt Lum(lm) C/Temp(K) A/Life(H) Bulb Base Mol(In) LCl Finish Packing
BLHID8-blend 125W 120/230 1350 3000K 3000 E70 E27 160 115 Coated 40/0.054/6
BLHID8-blend 160W 120/230 1500 3000K 3000 E76 E27 173 115 Coated 40/0.054/6
BLHID8-blend 250W 120/230 4900 3000K 3000 E90 E40 225 130 Coated 20/0.049/5.5
BLHID8-blend 500W 120/230 9500 3000K 3000 E120 E40 290 203 Coated 15/0.074/6.5

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